A convenient and professional car wash service is available at at Tallinn Airport

The Wash&Fly team contributes its time and best skills for your benefit, so that you can have fewer daily worries after coming back from your travel.

In July!
only 49 €

Book service

Park your car at the airport parking and book a car wash online or at the office.


Leave car keys at the office

Leave car keys at the office and take parking ticket with you.


Return to your clean car

Take your keys from the office and enjoy your clean car.

Offer valid in July 2019


Exterior Wash
  • Soaking
  • Shampooing
  • Wheels wash and tyre gloss
  • Washing of door jambs
  • Washing of floor mats and door edges
  • Drying the whole car (blow-dry and a cloth) incl windows and door jambs
  • Manual waxing
Interiour wash
  • Vacuuming of salon and boot, removal of garbage and dust
  • Cleaning of glass and vinyl surfaces with a special agent
  • Air-pressure cleaning of gaps
Make my day
  • Water-repellent windshield treatment
  • Seasonal processing of door seals
  • Window washing liquid (-20)
  • Free rental of iPads, headphones, magazines and books as an additional bonus. iPads are already loaded with digital books, music and games.

Additional services

Chemical cleaning

€ 300

Chemical wet cleaning of seats, floor, boot and upholstery, drying, leather salon cleaning and treatment

Permanent waxing

€ 150

Permanent waxing

Glossy polish

€ 200

Removal of surface paint damages with different polishing pastes

Leather treatment

€ 140

Leather interior treatment

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

It is not necessery to book a service before leaving a car. You can come to office and leave car keys there. But if you are in a hurry, then it will be more comfortable, to book a car wash before coming.
You can pay with cash, by card or with invoice.
You can find us on the 0.floor in the Tallinn airport. From main terminal go downstair with escalator. By car your can ride to the 0.floor Kiss&Fly parking.
Yes, we offer free iPad rent for your clients. iPads is already with music, books and games.

About us

Our experience = your comfort

For more than five years, Mündipesula self-service car washes have been working under our company. They have quickly gained popularity and right now customers can use 10 locations. We’re planning to open two new car washes in Tallinn in 2019.

Our customer service team performs at a high level. You will be served by polite, well-trained and cheerful service staff.

Your car will be washed by professionals and best experts in the field. We use time-tested and high-quality products.

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Leave yourself free time and give us your concerns.